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Isarus Wetsuit Review

Isarus Wetsuit Review

Posted by Rick Drew | January 05, 2014

I just had an amazing new Hamptons Winter Surfing Experience. I heard about a new wetsuit coming from triathalon technology. I put the 5/4 I-Soldier on from Isarus, like I would my Triathalon Ironman suit. You need to work the leg material and arm material up into your joints. The suit fits like a second skin, lieterally skin tight. I could feel the compression of the yamamoto rubber hugging me like a glove.


I waxed up my 6'0" fish and paddled out into some head high growlers. Lots of current and thick sectioning barrels with fast, steep drops. I felt like I was paddling a 3/2 suit, even though I was wearing 5mil of neoprene on my torso and 4 mil on my arms and legs. After my second wave, the hood had to come off. I needed to drain some heat from my body. I realized the suit was like an oven as I paddled around catching waves off the top of the Jetty.


I will say this suit is definitely a game changer, given you do not mind the effort required to work your way into this type of suit. The compression technology really feels amazing when taking cold water slabs on the head. Not a drop of water gets into the suit. There is also this light very flexible feeling to the arms as you paddle deeper into your session.

I kept saying, "one more wave", after 2 hours of non-stop paddling against the current, in order to stay in the sweet spot at the top of the jetty. 


I highly recommend the Isarus, "I-Soldier", for high performance, super warm, easy paddling. The compression fit literally holds your joints together, helping you surf steep drops and winter slabs.

I am 5'10", 175lbs and fit the large perfectly. If you do not mind taking a few extra minutes putting the suit on, you will be rewarded with super easy paddling and baking warmth.